Is there a map of the wine trail?2017-06-16T15:55:16-04:00


There is a map online, and one that you can download to your computer. If you’d like a paper copy, please fill out our contact form and we can snail mail you our brochure which has a map inside.

What does a wine tasting cost?2014-09-03T19:19:40-04:00

Wine tasting fees are usually between $2-5 depending on the winery and the type of wines being tasted. Ice wine tasting are typically extra.

If you were to taste at all the member wineries without a Vino Visa Passport or Event ticket it would be at least $32 or more.

Are reservations required for wine tasting?2017-06-16T15:55:16-04:00

Yes . . . and No.

You may visit the wineries without reservations. However, we do recommend that groups over 10 people call ahead to make reservations with our wineries so that my have proper staffing available for your group. 

Please refer to our Group and Limo Policies and Tasting Tips for more helpful information.

We highly recommend purchasing tickets if you attend an event in advance, even if you are a small group. It helps us plan our events to serve you better. There is a discount for tickets purchased in advance rather than during the event. If you are coming in a large group or bus you should call ahead and purchase your tickets together under one name to make check-in expedited.

Can I bring my own alcoholic beverage to the winery? Even if it is outside?2014-09-03T19:11:30-04:00


Alcoholic beverages need to be left inside your mode of transportation as per the law. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the winery grounds or inside of the winery.

Do you provide transportation?2017-06-16T15:55:16-04:00

No. This is a self guided tour. Please make your own arrangements for transportation to and from the wineries.

We highly recommend any of our associate members listed under the Plan Your Trip > Tours and Transportation section on our website.

Do you recommend any transportation companies?2017-06-16T15:55:18-04:00

We highly recommend any of our associate members listed under the Plan Your Trip > Tours and Transportation section on our website.

You may also provide your own vehicle for transportation, but we recommend using a designated driver.

Where should I stay?2017-06-16T15:55:18-04:00

We highly recommend any of our associate members listed under the Plan Your Trip > Lodging section on our website.

Do I need my ID for wine tasting?2014-09-03T19:04:41-04:00


A valid photo ID with proof of age is required to participate in wine tasting. Please have your ID ready upon arrival.

Where does the wine trail start and/or end?2014-09-03T19:04:03-04:00

This is a self-guided wine trail. You may start and end your wine tasting at any winery that you’d like. Most wineries can be found off of or along Rt. 18 or Rt. 104 spanning Niagara, Orleans and Monroe counties.

Are your wineries open when there is no event scheduled?2014-09-03T19:00:38-04:00

YES! Our wineries are open all year-round, so please stop by for a wine tasting even if no event is scheduled. Check our winery pages for each winery’s hours of operation. 

What is included with my event ticket?2014-08-12T20:56:47-04:00

Tickets typically include 3 tastings from each participating winery, a commemorative wine glass from your starting winery, and a gift, food samples or entertainment associated with that particular event.

Specific information on what is included with an event ticket will be listed with that event’s information.

What are Wine Trail Event Hours?2014-08-12T20:52:13-04:00

Wine Trail events held at the wineries are typically Friday: Noon–5pm, Saturday: 10:00 am–5:00 pm, Sunday: Noon–5pm. Wineries are not obligated to accept event tickets for tastings or offer other services that accompany the ticket after these times.

Any change from these event hours will be noted in the event information.

Is Transportation or Lodging included with my event ticket?2017-06-16T15:55:18-04:00

NO. Our events are a self-guided tour in which you will provide your own transportation and lodging if necessary. Please use the Plan A Trip tab for ideas on transportation, lodging, restaurants and other places to visit to while in the area.

What is a “wine tasting”?2014-08-12T21:06:54-04:00

A “wine tasting” refers to half to one ounce taste of a particular kind of wine. An event ticket is good for 3 wine tastings at each winery. Additional tastings are extra.

Do you charge for Designated Drivers or Under Age attendees?2014-08-12T21:06:41-04:00

NO. We appreciate DD’s and do not charge for their admittance into our wineries. Those under the age of 21, or prefer to not drink or participate in the event, do not have to purchase an event ticket to enter our events as well.

I can’t purchase my ticket online anymore. Can I buy at the winery or event location?2015-12-20T02:15:59-05:00

Tickets may be purchased at the door for some of our events. This will be listed on the event information page if they will be available.

Hallowine is a pre-sale online only event. Holiday Happening will only have tickets available for sale at the door if the event does not sell out in advance.

I have a question not answered here.2017-06-16T15:55:18-04:00

We recommend you visit the Event Info & Policies page, or you may contact us.