October 19-20, 2019

Hours: Saturday 10am-5pm,
Sunday 12pm-5pm

Price: $30/person Online tickets ONLY*
NO at the door sales for this event.

Wineries will have regular tastings for purchase during the event.

No tickets will be sold at the door for this event – Send us an email if you need help.

*We highly recommend groups purchasing tickets online in advance UNDER ONE ORDER. 

**Arrowhead Spring Vineyards, A Gust of Sun Winery (Ransomville & Spencerport), Black Willow Winery, Midnight Run Wine Cellars and Spring Lake Winery will NOT be participating in this event, but will be open regular hours.

FOOD will be available at wineries: 

  • Leonard Oakes Estate Winery – The Chuck Wagon food truck, Saturday 19th from 11am-5pm
  • Victorianbourg Wine Estate – Babz Barbeque food truck, Saturday 19th from 11am-2pm
  • Niagara Landing Wine Cellars – Seas the Day Seafood food truck will be on site on Saturday 19th during Hallowine
  • Schwenk Wine Cellars – 39 Problems Restaurant will be serving food on site on Saturday 19th during Hallowine.
  • The Winery at Marjim Manor – Fat Bob’s food truck on site Saturday 19th during Hallowine.

Questions? Need Help? E-mail us!

All wineries will be open for regular tastings during Hallowine.

“It’s Bird, It’s a Plane – It’s MURDER!”
Our annual murder mystery is a Superhero theme!

Come as yourself or in costume! Collect clues and interview a different suspect character at each participating winery** to solve the murder mystery. Submit your guess at your last winery. Correct guesses will be entered in a drawing to win wine prizes (you do not need to visit each winery to submit your guess). 

Participating Wineries, Your First Clue, & Mystery Synopsis/Answer Listed Below ∨ 

Tickets are valid for both days of the event and include a tasting of 3 wines at each participating winery, a commemorative wine glass from your starting winery, and clues to solve the mystery.

Tickets do not include transportation. A list of suggested companies may be found here. A valid photo ID with proof of age is required to participate in wine tasting. Please have your ID ready upon arrival. Designated drivers and nondrinker attendees are welcome at the wineries at no charge.

*BlackBird Cider Works: Advanced reservation directly with the cidery for parties of 15 or more guests is required. We do not accept reservations after 3 pm. BlackBird Cider Works will not be accepting reservations the day of the event. Groups that arrive without a confirmed reservation will be turned away.

* The Winery at Marjim Manor: does not accept any limos or buses after 4 PM. Please time your arrival appropriately.

* Schwenk Wine Cellars will accept no groups over 12 people after 4 PM unless prearranged with the winery before the day of the event.

* Leonard Oakes Estate Winery will accept no groups over 12 people after 4 PM.

Who killed Professor NWT?

Cora Spondent was in the building setting up for the gala dinner and big announcement – she never went out to the limousine.

When the limousine arrived, everyone got out except Professor NWT. He wanted to make a dramatic entrance. During the trip, he had taken a drink of water that had a little something extra. . . Therefore he fell asleep.

As each superhero visited to retrieve their item and make one last pitch to take over, they thought they were being ignored.
All except one superhero.
One who had a pension of kleptomania.
One who purloined a long, sharp baton.
She made certain, however, that she was not the last person back to the limousine.
She thought the last person would be the most obvious suspect and get her off the hook.

However, the intrepid detectives of the Hallowine event figured out that Mother MacRay stabbed him with the baton. Then, she sent Kelly James to get his pompoms and find the body.

In prison, all of Mother MacRay’s Socks will match – steel grey!

  • 810 Meadworks
  • Blackbird Cider Works *(see group reservation policy)
  • Chateau Niagara Winery
  • Freedom Run Winery
  • Honeymoon Trail Winery
  • Lake Ontario Winery
  • Leonard Oakes Estate Winery 
  • Liten Buffel
  • Long Cliff Vineyards & Winery 
  • Niagara Landing Wine Cellars
  • Salamaca Estate Winery
  • Schulze Vineyards & Winery
  • Schwenks Wine Cellars *(see group policy above)
  • The Winery at Marjim Manor *(see group policy above)
  • Victorianbourg Wine Estate
  • Vizcarra Vineyards

It’s  Bird, It’s a Plane – It’s Murder!

Professor NWT was the revered leader to the Superheroes in Aragain Wood. He helped them develop their powers, learn how to work together, and along the way save the world from the various villains who dared disturb their peaceful community. It was performance evaluation time. Someone didn’t like what he told them. Based on the evaluations, he was going to name an heir.

It was decided that an event would be held for the big reveal. Each Superhero would have a booth and have one last opportunity to plead their case. To make certain everyone had the same exact time to prepare and present, Professor NWT chartered a limo bus. Everyone was picked up and brought to the location. They were allowed to go to their booths and promptly at noon, a bell rang and everyone could start.

Each Superhero demonstrated the special power and convinced those in attendance to influence Professor NWT in their favor. However, just before the presentation, Professor NWT was nowhere to be found. His body was finally discovered in the limo bus where he had been hiding out while the Superheroes did their thing (because he had made his decision already, the presentations were just a placating move – nothing could ever change his mind once he made a decision).

Who was the heir supposed to be? Who knocked him off? Who stole the evaluations? Who knew Professor NWT’s secrets?

One superhero is not exactly what he or she seems:

  • Lightning Bug: (at Honeymoon Trail Winery, Lake Ontario Winery and Salamaca Winery) Lights up every room. Sometimes by entering, sometimes by leaving, sometimes by arson.
  • Kelly James: (at Chateau Niagara Winery and Liten Buffel)  Knows how important sports are. Has a way to give the Bills the Stanley Cup and the Sabres the Super Bowl in the same year.
  • Mother MacRay: (at BlackBird Cider Works and Leonard Oakes Estate Winery) Can pair all socks as they come from the dryer. (The inebriated she is, the faster it happens).
  • Katerina: (at Long Cliff Winery & Vineyards and Schulze Vineyards & Winery) Has the power to herd cats.
  • Bonne Bonne: (at Vizcarra Vineyards and Niagara Landing Wine Cellars) Has the ability to turn any food you don’t like into chocolate.
  • Cora Spondent: (at Marjim Manor) Local reporter who wants to know the real story.
  • Alvin Cohol: (at Freedom Run Winery and Victorianbourg Wine Estate) Can make wine, beer, and liquor disappear without getting inebriated.
  • The Conductor: (at 810 Meadworks and Schwenk Wine Cellars) Can turn a train whistle into any instrument he wants. Then he can bring the joy of music to all those little people who need their lives brightened.
  • Please start at the winery you selected when purchasing your ticket(s).
  • Participating wineries each have a suspect for you to interview. Please select the wineries that will allow you to meet each suspect once.
  • Each suspect can give you information and clues. They can answer questions. As you collect the clues, you will be able to solve the murder.
  • When you have solved the murder, fill in the back of your Hallowine ticket and leave it at the last winery you visit. That will allow you to be eligible for prizes. At the next wine trail meeting, we will put the correct answers in a hat and draw out the winners.
  • Each winner will receive gift certificates for a bottle of wine from one of the participating wineries.
  • Dressing in costume to fit the theme is encouraged! You can take pictures and post them on Social Media with #UncorkNWT.