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Locally Made Spirits

niagara craft spirits

Niagara Craft Spirits

4408 Ridge Rd, Cambria, NY 14094 • 716-438-7418

First distillery on the Niagara Wine Trail! Located in the Right-To-Farm community of Cambria, NY, within 5 miles of 7 wineries on the Niagara Wine Trail. Our tasting room offers samples and sales of our products as well as guided tours of the distillery. We use local fruit and grain to produce, from scratch, small batches of spirits including Bourbon, Special Reserve Whiskey, Corn Whiskey (moonshine), Gin, Vodka, Krupnik, and Limoncello. More spirits in the works! Follow our web and social media sites for further updates on new spirits and our current hours. Niagara Craft Spirits – “Great Spirits, Small Batches.”