Tasting Room Etiquette & Wine Tasting Tips

Drink Responsibly. Those little ounces add up! It is a short drive between each winery and an excellent opportunity to quench your thirst with a non-alcoholic beverage.

Our wineries are located within rural communities, with neighbors in close proximity who enjoy the quiet country life. Please be respectful of our farms and communities by keeping your stereo and voice volume down.

Our wineries are family oriented businesses. Many of our visitors bring children into our tasting rooms. Our own children are often present on the property. Please be respectful of others in your language and behavior. Offensive clothing or items will not be permitted on premises.

 Each winery has a different tasting fee and it will be explained to you by your host at the tasting room bar, or you can call the winery directly. Each winery’s tasting policy is listed on its individual page in on our website and group policy booklet for your convenience and reference.

Use the spill bucket. Every tasting bar provides a spill bucket for unwanted wine. This allows you to taste several wines without over imbibing and is placed on the bar for your convenience.

Cleanse your palate. If a tasting bar provides crackers or some other neutral food it is there for the purpose of cleansing your palate between tastes. Not all wineries provide this and you may wish to bring in your own neutral food, for example, oyster crackers.

 Be patient with your wine server. Wine tasting should be an educational and enjoyable experience for you and all customers in the tasting room.

 Remember as you are enjoying your tasting experience with your friends that there are many other customers in our tasting rooms. Please keep your voice volume at a reasonable level

 Many of the wines you will taste are available only at the winery so if you enjoyed it and your budget allows, by all means purchase it so that you can enjoy it and remember what a great time you had visiting our wine trail!

 State Liquor Laws do NOT allow the consumption of outside liquor products on our premises. Therefore, ALL beer, wine from other wineries and spirits must remain in the vehicle.

 Please dispose of your cigarette butts and trash in the appropriate containers. In many cases, these wineries are our homes and we appreciate you respecting them as such.

 Our wineries recommend your driver call ahead to each winery at least 10 minutes before arrival so that we may provide the best service possible. Should any guests demonstrate lewd or drunken behavior, the winery may choose to refuse service at their discretion.